ECO-Vrindaban Launches an Array of Exciting Efforts for ISKCON’s 50th

By Madhava Smullen

Evo-Vrindaban members Krsna Nama das, Nitai Chandra das, Lila, and Chaitanya Bhagavat das begin planting this year’s strawberry patch in New Vrindaban’s Community Garden.

With ISKCON celebrating its 50th anniversary throughout 2016, ECO-Vrindaban – New Vrindaban’s self-sufficiency wing – is making many special efforts to honor Srila Prabhupada’s desires for the community.

New Vrindaban Celebrates 30th Anniversary of U.S.A’s Only Full-Size Nrsimha

 Soma Das with Lord Nrsimhadeva, Nrsimha Chaturdasi 2015

By Madhava Smullen

For thirty years, a very special Lord Nrsimhadeva Deity has protected the devotees of New Vrindaban and all of North America, and received their love and service.
Now, residents of the West Virginia village want to invite people from all over North America to come celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of His installation, and to behold the only full-size Nrsimha Deity on the continent, on His sacred appearance day.